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Words cannot express the gratitude in my heart as I pen down these few  words of my experience with the Soul House Academy. It was with mixed  feelings of apprehension and anticipation that in the beginning of this year we  took the decision to send our two and a half year old daughter to Soul House  Academy then known as The Treehouse School. And I can now say with pride and joy that it was the best decision that we could have made for our  daughter.
I am immensely grateful to the Administrator Ms Arenla Lemtur for  accepting our daughter who was underage and showing signs of speech delay  at the time of admission to the nursery section. I am also grateful to the  teachers and staffs of the School, especially her Homeroom teachers for their  love, patience and untiring effort in caring and molding our precious little  daughter.
One thing that stood out for me in my experience with the Soul  House Academy is the attention and dedication that the teachers show to each  and every student of the School. The teachers are truly invested in the  educational growth as well as the well being of the health of the students.  Over the months in my experience with the school I have also noticed that the  teachers and staffs under the able leadership of its administrator are very  much attuned to each and every child and adjustments are made as needed to  meet the requirements of the students.
I can say in all honesty that it is a home  away from home only better, and we need not worry at all. I also want to put  on record my appreciation to the School for introducing the SEN class from the  Academic year 2022, which has been a tremendous help not only to my  daughter but for all those precious little kids with speech and other  developmental delays. I am proud to call myself as part of the Soul House  family and hope to see many happy years together.
Thank you!

Parent to Imtiren

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